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Chilli wants to TWEET-N-MEET Atlanta Fans

On Friday,
January 7, 2011, from 12P/ EST to 5PM/EST, Chilli will host a
“TWEET-N-MEET” contest on twitter. Fans of “What Chilli Wants” are
encouraged to “tweet” the top four things on their own checklist to
Chilli’s twitter account at @officialchilli with the hashtag
#MYLIST. Eight lucky Atlanta fans will win the opportunity to join
Chilli at a secret location to watch the second episode of her show
live via ustream. Last season, reporters and fans alike quizzed the
Grammy award-winning starlet on the laundry list of checkpoints her
future beau would need to pass in order to “put a ring on it.”
Everyone from George Lopez, to MO’Nique to Steve Harvey joked with
Chilli about her infamous never-ending list. This season Chilli’s
list hasn’t gone anywhere, if anything its gotten longer. “My list
on the show was blown out of proportion because it included my
needs and wants,” Chilli explains. “There were certain things on
the list that were deal breakers such as his relationship with God
and love for family, other things we could negotiate. I believe
everyone who has standards for themselves needs to have a list. It
keeps you from wasting your time and other people’s time.” “What
Chilli Wants” returned to VH1 for a second season on Sunday,
January 2nd at 9PM EST. Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather returned
for a cameo appearance as Chilli’s friend with “special interest.”
“People love seeing Floyd on the show because he’s such a charmer.
He and I have been friends for years,” Chilli says mysteriously.
The outcome of this season’s quest for love remains to be seen, but
Chilli remains adamant about having standards and finding the right
man for her. “I believe you shouldn’t settle into anything, except
a house,” she laughs, “I’m not settling for any man, I’m looking
for an extraordinary man. “ Atlanta-based fans of “What Chilli
Wants” are encouraged to tweet their list as often as they would
like to Chilli’s twitter handle @officialchilli with the hashtag
#MyLIST, on Friday, January 7th between the hours of 12PM EST to
5PM EST. Chilli will choose eight winners to join her at a private
location to watch the second episode of “What Chilli Wants” on
Sunday, January 9th at 9PM/EST on VH1. Chilli’s TWEET-N-MEET is
being sponsored by Kingsmen Media, SoftSheen-Carson and Enchanted

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