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Penalties for NonPayment of Child Support!!


Wage Garnishments
A wage garnishment request is an order by the court advising the employer to withhold the child-support payment out of the employee’s check and send it to the local child-support agency for processing.

Tax Offsets
A tax offset can be filed with the Internal Revenue Service to withhold the past due child support from the payer’s federal and state tax returns. The Internal Revenue Service then sends a check to the custodial parent.

Credit Reporting
Child-support enforcement agencies routinely report past due child support to credit bureaus, and this can have a negative impact on the person’s credit until paid in full.

Jail Time
Parents who do not pay child support can serve jail time for an amount of time as determined by state and federal laws.

License Suspension
Most states will suspend driver’s licenses and professional licenses until the delinquent child support is paid. This is usually only done after other methods were not successful, allowing the person owing the child support to work.

Offenders who have skipped out on paying completely might find their picture on the local child-support authorities’ most-wanted lists and distributed to various media outlets.

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3 thoughts on “Penalties for NonPayment of Child Support!!

  1. I'll be honest I agree with it where it applies to the irresponsible. What I don't agree with is the fact that everyone is painted with the same brush and as a result there is no winner as you then have to answer who is really being considered in all of it coz it sure as hell ain't the child! I am not embarrassed to say that I fall in that category however my identity was stolen and everything was taken from me. I didn't and don't have a leg to stand on.

  2. I do beleive that some of these tactics are beneficial. The fathers who do pay child support don't have to worry and the ones that don't probably don't care about these punishments.

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