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Wiz Khalifa’s Old Label Sued for $200,000 for Unpaid Royalties

A company that provided marketing services for Wiz Khalifa’s album Deal or No Deal is suing Babygrande Records for $200,000.

Malbon Brothers Farms filed the suit on December 7 in the Supreme Court of the State of New York. The lawsuit claims that Babygrande was required to pay Malbon Brothers Farms 20% of all the net profits resulting from the commercial release of Deal or No Deal.

In exchange for the 20%, Malbon Brothers Farms provided marketing services to promote the album.

Malbon Brothers Farms claims that Babygrande paid just $8701.73, claiming it represented the 20% that was due to Malbon Brothers Farms.

When Malbon Brothers Farms contacted Babygrande Records’ CEO Chuck Wilson, Wilson claimed that he “cross-collateralized” expenses related to the album, by adding Babygrande’s marketing, manufacturing distribution and selling fees.

The lawsuit accuses Babygrande Records of reducing Malbon Brothers Farms 20% for the Deal or No Deal album by adding the unnecessary expenses. The marketing company wants $200,000 for breach of contract, plus 20 percent of any net profit earned from the album’s sales.


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