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Behind The Scenes Video/Photos T’Melle and Waka Flocka ‘GO TO WAR’


New R&B sensation T’Melle and rapper Waka Flocka make HISTORY in this movie style video for single “Go To War.”T’Melle is the Ride or die chick that will do anything for her man Waka Flocka, together they make up 2012’s newest BONNIE & CLYDE team! Police chases, guns, fights, cameos and more in this exciting new video set to make it’s debut in January of 2012.

It’s T’Melle
Who’s to say that persistence, hard work, and determination doesn’t work!!! Born to musical parents, T*Melle Rawlings has stapled passion with a new meaning when it comes to the overall package of a musical icon. This Philadelphia native is blessed with a talent unlike many of the aspiring artists of today. Her inspirations include Barbara Streisand, Lena Horne and later Mary J Blige. Although this is an odd combination for an adolescent city girl, singing at the early age of 2, her father (a music teacher) gave her these resources as a foundation to build upon an all encompassing music career. She has the cultural vocal prowess of Barbara, the sensuality of Lena and the street edge of Mary J.
T*Melle’s talents started to take form when she was discovered and placed in a local talented group that caught the eye of Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopez (member of TLC). During this time, Lisa and other industry notables started to coin T*Melle as the “standout member of the group”. This time in T*Melle’s life was both a blessing and tragedy. As the youngest member of the group, she was ecstatic to be amongst an industry icon that was developing her career. But it all seemed to come to a screeching halt when a car accident in Honduras caused the untimely death of her mentor Left-Eye. This not only shocked the world, but put T*Melle’s career on hold for 2 years as she was also seriously hurt in the accident.
Wounded and heartbroken for the loss of Lisa, T*Melle’s life was forever changed. Not only was she faced with the reality that she may never walk again after countless surgeries to her left leg and hip, she was confined to a wheel chair with rods and screws. The slight possibility that she may walk again was all that it took for her to dig deep and rely upon her inner strength. Because of her parent’s teachings of self determination, she knew that this was her ultimate test of everything that was within her. T*Melle trusted and willed herself through 1 ½ years of therapy and gained strength in her leg that she needed to restart her career goals.
Although she was still a teen, she convinced her parents to support her on a move to Atlanta, GA so that she could continue on her career path. Through a few contacts she was introduced to Walter Sutton, CEO of Infra-Red Entertainment (a premier Atlanta based entertainment company), to further develop her goals in artist development, music production and overall artistry.
Infra-Red put her on the path to realize her dreams as a musical icon. During her development and after working with several producers, she solidified her style and overall performance abilities. T*Melle perfected every aspect of her craft and captured the attention of some of the music industry’s elite. She soon caught the eye of Usher Raymond. Usher chose her to travel on a European Tour as the only female background singer. Working with several well known producers and songwriters, she came face to face with R&B Grammy Award winning producer, Tricky Stewart. He was also captivated by her vocals and performance and took her under his wing, which moved her up another notch in her development as an artist.
These trials and tribulations have made T*Melle more of the self determined individual she is today. You hear it when she delivers any of her dynamic records such as “Fall Back” and “Go To War” ft. Waka Flocka, where there is no doubt of her vocal capacity to deliver heart wrenching songs. Her street edge is evident because she speaks to males as well as females, and her vocals are top notch putting her in a lane of her own. Then seeing T*Melle deliver one of her amazing live show performances, are also in a class by itself. Watching her perform, audiences say that her energy captures your attention and has the ability to keep you in her moment throughout the entire show. Her music and her sound are ground breaking, with a slick street edge, delivering topics relatable to the everyday person. Her platform includes issues about economic struggles, low self esteem, love and just being young and having fun….
If there were words to describe T*Melle, there would be 3 that sum her up. They would be Empowerment, Determination, and Survival. She has a strong belief in uplifting the spirit in others. The word “NO” has no place in her world; “keep trying with every ounce of your willpower,” is her motto. And a survivor is what she is because her work ethics will maintain her career. T*Melle is that person that you meet; you know that there is something about her that keeps you interested in who she is. When you find out that she is an artist, your gut tells you that she’s good, but once you see her show and hear her voice, you know that this is definitely what this industry is missing…….and that is an opportunity to experience T*Melle, a songbird…ready to soar……

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