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Jay-Z Says Running Roc Nation Is ‘A Bit Like Having Kids’


Jiggaman definitely has babies on his brain. In a recent interview with MTV News, Jay-Z compared running Roc Nation to having kids.

“I think running a label is a bit like having kids,” Hov told MTV News. “When you know someone needs more help, you help them,” Jigga said. “When you see that someone can make it on their own … you see Kanye or J. Cole, you see that sort of talent — you let that talent be. You let that talent find its way.”

Of course, Jay wasn’t talking in a disrespectful way, he simply sees his position as one to where he can provide something for young talent.

“I’m just really here to provide opportunity. I’m not here to do anything else,” he said. “I provide the opportunity, you figure out what you want to say to the world and how you gonna do it.”

“It’s much more than just a [16-bar verse] and an endorsement deal; it’s an opportunity to let your voice be heard. It’s really about you, it’s not about me.”

Look out for new music from Jay-Z in 2012.

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