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MempHitz Battles it Out With T-Pain On Twitter

Things got a bit rawdy on Twitter last night between singer and songwriter T-Pain and Memphitz, the A&R who discovered him years ago.

The tweets turned ugly between the two after the premier of T-Pain’s VH1 Behind the Music segment aired.

Apparently, Memphitz became upset when he was excluded from the story in which he felt he was an intrical part. Years ago, he was handed T-Pain’s music from a mixtape DJ and proceeded to sign the singer to Jive Records, thus boosting T-Pain into superstardom. Apparently, that side of the story was left out of the Behind the Music recording, which not only enraged Memphitz but also his wife Toya Wright as she took to Twitter to express her dismay for the omitted story.

“‘F–K TPAIN!…Turns Channel'”, she tweeted.

Her husband was also baffled by the lack of credit given to him as well. He expressed his disappointment through his twitter.

“LooVe I dont get enuff of it, all I get is these Vampires & Blood suckers, all I see is these n–gas I made Millionaires….”

“When ur Past Fails prepare u 4 Your Future Successes. It All Begins 2 Make Perfect Sense. #MiDDLEFiNGER2MYOLDLiFE #GODSPEEDAHEAD #BANG”

“GOD Sent Her To Me. #NowWhoGoNSTopMeHuh?”

This particular set of tweets from the couple rubbed T-Pain the wrong way as he took to the social media network with a series responses of his own.

“I did a 6hr interview for Vh1 and didn’t control what they cut out. I told the whole story. But if it’s “f–k me” then that’s what it is”

“If all it takes for you to say “f–k t pain” is havin your part of the story cut out by a network. Then what kind of friend is that anyway”

“Get at me bra. It’s easy to get on twitter and say f–k t pain but you can’t get on here and say Thanx for 100k and the three cars”

“It’s all good tho. I’m used to it by now. I just didn’t expect it from you. Good luck with the new show.”

“You got my number bra. I got a missed call from you two nights ago. So if we gone have a talk I’d rather not do it on twitter yasimelike”

But later that night, Memphitz put to rest any sign of a feud between the two.

“There is NO BEEF. ABSOLUTLEY NONE. So Stop Looking For It TweepLe. #IMWORKIN”


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