I.R.S. Set to Auction Off Young Buck’s Name, Jewels, and Equip



The IRS will be holding an open auction for many of Young Buck’s jewelry and recording equipment on July 25th. The auction sale will take place in Nashville, but the items being sold can also be found online as well. In December Buck, legally known as David Darnell Brown, was hit with a hefty claim from various creditors that he owed $11.5 million which includes $10 million that the G-Unit record label claimed Buck owed them over a contract issue.

Now he’ll be paying the price by having many of his valued items put up for sale, including his “Young Buck” trademark name.

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  1. What a shame. Who is the financial adviser to these young moguls. They make so much money, but as many mistakes in their lives. Someone please advise them.

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