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Why Kobe ‘ s $48.5 Mil Deal is Good and Ugly


The Good:

Kobe is the face of the Lakers.  Without Kobe the Lakers will need a new Face. $48.5mil for 2 years is a deal that Kobe and the Lakers can work with. The Lakers still have cap space to keep players and bring in new players. Steve Nash will gone next year so that will free up more cap space. $48.5 Mil for two years for one of the greatest players in history sounds good to me.

The Good By Andre White


The Bad:

Some may wonder if Kobe Bryant’s two year extension worth $48.5 million is a good or bad move. This is a terrible move for the Lakers. Under this deal, this continues to have Kobe as the highest paid player in the NBA. At the age of 35 coming off a ruptured Achilles, he is anything but the best player in the NBA. This contract seems to be a deal based off his career achievements not what he is worth now in 2013. This deal will just delay the Lakers from rebuilding.

The BAD by: Joey Marotta


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