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When God tells you to leave the DOPE GAME alone it won’t be EASY $$$$


It’s a hard transition from making that quick drug money to working a 9-5. You go from making a thousand dollars in an hour to making $12.00 an hour and something is always tugging on your spirit to go back. Maybe just make one more run and get that bread so you can get caught up on your bills. The woman look at you different when you are in your transition period because they are used to seeing the ‘dope boy’ you. Even some of your family members are looking down on you because you were the person that they could depend on when times get hard. But what so you do when God tells you to leave it all alone and he will provide? How do you handle the 2 years of him stripping you of the things the enemy blessed you with? He said he will provide but you have bills that are do and it seems like he don’t hear your prayer. He never said it would be comfortable but your soul is more important than your pockets. Instead of complaining are you thanking him for all the times he protected you when you were in the streets? It’s hard because you are standing on the other side of his promise and you can’t see the finished project. If you think the things you had from hustling is something just wait until God finished with you! He will blow your mind!

Part 1 of my journey to becoming Kingsmen

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