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I hope this helps someone! Lately I’ve been hearing the same word in my spirit. “Use what you got”. I heard this 3 days straight now. God said “I gave you Kingsmen Media, use it! you don’t need anything NEW! Use what you Got!!!! I’m sharing this because I have a lot of friends that are in the Ent. business and we are always looking for something NEW or a NEW idea and just when God was about to move on the first plan we already switched to something NEW. Sometimes there is greatness inside of what he gave you that you haven’t even seen yet and you are ready to put it down! Even while I am writing this he just showed me a lil transformer toy that’s a truck and YOU haven’t even discovered how to transform it into a robot because you have been using the truck for so long! So get up and get at it and stop looking for extra because God is going to make a way with what you got! use it!!!!

if this helps you at all go ahead and Share it with someone! #Tag me if you want and we can tAlk about it!

-Kingsmen #KMG

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