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What’s Your #


You walk up in a crowded building and you head to the counter and take a number. You take a seat and you wait patiently for your number to be called. After 30 minutes you find yourself talking to the guy sitting next to you. He is going on and on about how he hears been sitting here waiting for over an hour and still hasn’t been called. After another 30 minutes you find yourself complaining with him about the time. They call number 128 and nobody moves. The guy next to you continues to talk about how much stuff he has to do and has no time to be sitting here. 128 is called a second time and the you hear “129”. The guy next to you is fed up and he leaves. You look at your watch and you notice that you have been talking to him for over an hour. You look down at your ticket and the number reads 128. You jump up in a panic and head to the counter and you are told to pick another number and get back in line!

This is the problem we are having in life! It is time to get in POSITION because God is about to call YOUR number and if you don’t answer he will go to the NEXT!!!!!!

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