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How to Abandon Your Child


I had to learn how to trust again after my dad abandoned me at an early age. I had a lot of great role models around me but I didn’t want anything to do with them because
it wasn’t dad. As I got older I started to question why men don’t want anything to do with their children. One day I got a partial answer in my spirit. God will give some men their walking papers to save a child from things that can be passed on and destroy the seed. Sometimes the pain that you deal with it used to make you a better parent to the next generation. Sometimes a dad will fix his mistakes and play dad to a family that’s not his own while neglecting his blood. I also see a lot great men who are passed on by the mothers because of hate in their heart towards the real father. A lot of mothers focus so much on what the real dad isn’t doing that they fail to see that the Heavenly Father has provided and the kids haven’t missed a meal. Fathers if you have a chance to fix your mistake and help mold your kids you might want to get busy. If you had kids too early and you wasn’t ready you still have to grow up and put your childhood fantasies on hold and be a man!

Just my thoughts of the day!


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