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Christians That Drink Alcohol


Are you a Christian that likes Alcohol? How often do you drink? Does being drunk change how people love The Lord? Is it OK to drink? Did Christ drink? Did Christ think it was ok for others to drink? I grew up thinking that saved people can’t drink. Now don’t get me wrong because I’m not saying grab some 40’s and let it rip until you throw up but I have had a glass of wine every once in a while. Maybe with dinner or just a sip with friends. But I don’t really like the taste or smell of alcohol so it’s not for me. Do you think it’s a sin to drink? Or how much becomes a sin?

I grew up thinking that if you drink you were going to HELL but over the years I learned that a lot of Christians practice good morals but have NO character. Some Christians will brag about not drinking or smoking but wouldn’t offer you a glass of water if you were thirsty. Some Christians have learned how to practice the art of having good morals but are just as nasty as can be when it comes to dealing with people.

My question is how to do you feel about Christians that drink?

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