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Last of a Dying Breed

I’m writing this because I had a youngin leave me a FB inbox trying to beef. This young rapper raps

about drugs and KILLING folks and he is mad because we stand for the opposite. I politely told him that I don’t have one free second to help his career by beefing with him and he was really disrespectful. I’m trying to figure out what happened to the young men that respected their elders? I and 15 years older than this lil cat and we were taught respect. We held doors open for our elders and we said yes sir and no sir when speaking to them. What happened to the Parents that teach their kids to respect their elders? I asked the young lad how did he hear about Kingsmen and he said his mom speaks highly of us. I told him that I never heard of him so he has a lot of negative work to do to build his buzz and I’ll continue to stand for the youth that want change!

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