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You are just like your FATHER!!!!


Can we break the generational curses before they pass on to our sons? If the Father lays around, don’t work, and chase woman all day how can we keep that from passing on to the son? If the Father abandoned his family how can we make sure the son stands for his? How can we keep the blessings but stop the curses from passing through the bloodline? Just like God is passing pressings through the generations, the enemy is right there passing the curses. Will our sons pay for sins that WE committed?

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5 thoughts on “You are just like your FATHER!!!!

  1. I heard it for along time until my mother found out what she was doin, it keeps the generational in the family cycle until it is stopped being said and somebody breaks it. When i started in the streets and drinking and all that my mom says seen how her words had manifested and she prayed that the curse be broken…. they didnt know any better though because there family had done the same thing so it had become repetitive.

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