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My Wife said its NOT about Me…..

I had a talk with my Wife the other night because sometimes as a man you start feeling like you are not doing your manly duties. I spend so much time DREAM Chasing and I spend so much of OUR bread doing it that it’s important to check in with the wife to see if she…

The Battles of the FLESH

I remember when I moved to Atlanta and God told me to get rid of stuff that was a gift from satan! I felt naked here in a city that judges you by the stuff that you have. If a man has a nice car and money people will think that he is doing ok….

Tell Them What You Need!!!!

We grow up not having what we need because a lot of times our pride won’t let us ask. I have talked to several of my mentors and they told me to start telling people what I need! God will touch some folks and they will release it to you. Some folks have several cars…


I hope this helps someone! Lately I’ve been hearing the same word in my spirit. “Use what you got”. I heard this 3 days straight now. God said “I gave you Kingsmen Media, use it! you don’t need anything NEW! Use what you Got!!!! I’m sharing this because I have a lot of friends that…