Update: LeBron James


I was looking at the LeBron James issue from a spiritual perspective and I was telling folks that a Man leaves an area that he is loved and treated like a King to go into unfamiliar territory. The same folks that once loved him for his talent turns on him and hates him. Durring his departure he learns skills and business that’s needed to go from being good to being a champion. Now he has enough training and knowledge to go back home and raise a whole city to another level! It takes some thick skin to go through a transition like this and some folks are scared to leave their comfort zone because they can’t handle the attacks that come with it.


Nick Cannon Hints That He May Play Richard Pryor in Biopic! Can He Pull this Off?


Nick Cannon is dropping some serious hints that he could play Richard Pryor in a biopic about the groundbreaking comedian that’ll be directed by Lee Daniels (The Butler).

For example, he went on TMZ Live today and did everything but come right out and say “yeah, I’m playing Richard Pryor in a biopic about the groundbreaking comedian.”

“So all I’ll say is that I’m doing the work right now. I’m doing everything that I need to do to embody it when the opportunity is right.”

Can he pull this off???





Tuesday was the day that Georgia’s so-called “guns everywhere” law went into effect, allowing residents to carry guns into bars, nightclubs, classrooms, and certain government buildings. Among other things, the law also prohibits police from demanding to see the weapons permit of someone seen carrying a gun. Will this help or hurt the citizens???


Orange Is The New Black or SCANDAl??? Which Show is Better??


I see a lot of my social media friends are talking about season 2 of “Orange is the New Black” and I haven’t heard a peep from you guys about Scandal. Are you guys done with Scandal? I watched maybe 2 episodes of the last season of ‘Scandal’ and wasn’t impressed but when I watched O.I.T.N.B. I finished the whole second season in 2 days. I’m ready for season 3. Which Show do you like better and why????



Roddy White’s Keep The Faith 2014 Football Camp


I Had a great time In South Carolina for Roddy White’s 2014 Football Camp at James Island High School. The first thing I noticed was the weather was much better this year. Last year I was super hot!!! The kids all worked hard and gave it their best.




Roddy White made sure that he spent time with each child and encourage them to be the best. I looked at the kids faces and could tell that they really look up to Roddy and they look forward to his camp every year. This year Roddy had help from NFL friends Michael Vick and Byron Maxwell.

Roddy White and Byron Maxwell








Are You In A Relationship With Someone That WONT Support your Vision???


A lot of people are in a relationship with a person that loves them but won’t support their vision. Did we listen to God or did we pick someone that our eyes lusted for? When you go to God and ask him to send you someone he will find the person that will love and support you. He will bless you with someone that will grow with you and trust your vision. It’s easy to love someone when all the bills are paid and you are driving nice cars and taking vacations around the world, but what happens when God tells you to stop kicking it and start investing in your vision? What happens when you tell her she can’t have that new purse or get that hair done every week because you are using the money to build? or what about when the man wants a Lexus and you tell hi he has to get a Prius because God told you to start investing in your business? This is why it is so important to listen when you have confirmation of WHO is chosen to be your mate. When stuff is tight and you are eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches will he/she complain that it’s not enough? Are women insulting their husbands because they feel like they are not getting the royal treatment? If you have a God sent supporter then go ahead and leave a comment and let them know you appreciate them! If you are waiting on The Lord leave a comment that says ‘Waiting’

Be Blessed!


LeBron reportedly will opt out of deal with Heat


MIAMI — A person familiar with the situation tells The Associated Press that LeBron James has decided to opt out of the final two years of his contract with the Miami Heat and become a free agent on July 1.
Opting out does not mean James has decided to leave the Heat, said the person, who spoke on condition of anonymity because neither the four-time NBA MVP nor the team had made any public announcement.
James had two years and about $42.7 million remaining on his deal with the Heat. In his four seasons in Miami, the Heat have gone to the NBA Finals four times, winning two championships.