The Battles of the FLESH


I remember when I moved to Atlanta and God told me to get rid of stuff that was a gift from satan! I felt naked here in a city that judges you by the stuff that you have. If a man has a nice car and money people will think that he is doing ok. Once you have the gifts from the enemy you will find yourself taking chances to keep what you have but when GOD gives you something you won’t have to worry about impressing folks. When God gives you something people will be able to see GOD in it.mSome folks will even start asking you more about God because they are tired of that old Indian giver named satan! Listen when God tells you throw something out because he is preparing you for HIS blessings!


The End of the CD! What’s Next?


When was the last time you walked into your favorite store and purchased a cd? How many CDs do you still own? I’m asking because lately I’ve been talking to music execs about what’s next? Cd sales are at an all time low and soon all CDs will be extinct besides your personal collection. Most people are downloading/stealing songs right to their personal devices. Will this mean iTunes and similar sites will have total control over sales in the future? how will the smaller mom and pop stores compete to sell online music?


Nicki Vs. IGGY


Seems like Nikki Minaj is worried about losing her place as the TOP female Hiphop Artist. Lately she has been throwing a lot of shade towards IGGY from saying she don’t have to work hard for what she is getting credit for to saying T.I. is ghostwriting her songs to help her out. I just think that she don’t like sharing the spotlight and she is mad that ‘Fancy’ made the #1 spot on the charts. What do you think???? Leave a comment!