50 Cent Claims He’s Only Worth $4.4 Million 


According to Page Six, 50 flashed “big smiles” at the jurors while downplaying his lifestyle, admitting that he’s only worth “no more than $4.4 million” as they decide how much he will pay the woman whose sex tape he released. 50 Cent was ordered to return to court to discuss his financial status, and during that time he professed that all of his chains, watches and rings were “borrowed from the jeweler,” and all of his cars were rented, not owned. “Now that I’ve filed for bankruptcy…I’m not as cool as I was last week,” he told the court, referring to his image. 

Chris Tucker Launches Foundation with A HARLEM RENAISSANCE


I want to thank Chris Tucker and the Chris Tucker Foundation for having Kingsmen Media Group at his HARLEM RENAISSANCE launch dinner in Atlanta.

Guess were greeted to great music, food and comedy throughout the evening and Chris took time to welcome and greet everyone in the building.

Check out my interview below and photos of the event by Kingsmen Media.

Chris Tucker Foundation from KINGSMEN MEDIA on Vimeo.

Lets Take a Look at WHO 50 Cent Owes Money To

According to court documents, the G-Unit boss owes $137,880 to Bentley, $64,909 to American Express, $1,737 to his own grandfather, and others. 50 is also on the hook for a total of $23 million from two separate lawsuits. He lost a nearly $17 million suit to Sleek Audio in 2014, and a jury recently awarded $5 million to Lastonia Leviston after she sued 50 for releasing a sex tape of her online.

Birdman Is Suing Jay Z and Tidal For $50 Million

Baby is now suing Jay Z and Tidal for streaming Wayne’s Free Weezy Album exclusively on the service. According to TMZ, newly filed court documents show that Birdman is going after Jay and Tidal for $50 million, and they maintain that they own all of the exclusive rights to Wayne’s music and that the Tidal is illegal.
The lawsuit states that Tidal claims Cash Money doesn’t have that exclusive ownership, and that Wayne gave them the go ahead to exclusively stream his music in return for part ownership in Tidal. The lawsuit apparently points out specific portions of Wayne’s Cash Money contract, which he is currently trying to get out of Read more

Young Thug & Birdman Named In Indictment In Lil Wayne’s Tour Bus Shooting


This indictment has uncovered much more troubling details of the actual incidents in question. According to the legal documents, Jimmy Winfrey followed Lil Wayne’s tour bus out of an Atlanta venue’s parking lot, and opened fire on the bus. There were reportedly 12 people inside, including Lil Wayne, and other Young Money rappers and executives.
Shortly after the shooting incident, which took place in April, authorities allege that Winfrey fled on a nearby freeway while placing a call to Birdman. The indictment also denotes that prior to the shooting, Winfrey placed a call to Young Thug, and a nearby police officer observed that there was an assault rifle in the white Camaro Winfrey was piloting.

Young Thug and Birdman (or “Baby“) have been named alongside Young Thug affiliate Jeffrey Winfrey (or Peewee Roscoe), claiming the three conspired in a plot to kill Lil Wayne. According to the reports, which are coming in via WSBTV’s Mike Petchenik’s Twitter, the indictment refers to a plot that was to be carried out in April, the month in which Weezy’s tour bus was shot at as he left the parking lot of an Atlanta venue after a show. Two months ago, Winfrey was arrested for the crime.

Some of the details that Petchenik revealed include the fact that the indictment is against Winfrey specifically, but names both Young Thug and Birdman as connected to Winfrey, and more specifically, that Winfrey was carrying out a plot devised by Young Thug. Furthermore, Thug’s most recent music video, “With That,” in which Winfrey is prominently displayed, is being used as evidence. The prosecution plans to draw a connection between the April incident, and Winfrey holding a firearm in the video of a song that mentions Lil Wayne.

Young Thug Arrested for Threatening to ‘Shoot Victim In the Face’ 

Atlanta rapper Young Thug was arrested Wednesday (July 15) morning in Sandy Springs, Georgia by U.S. Marshals over an outstanding warrant issued by Dunwoody police.
The 22-year-old rapper was charged with making “terroristic threats” during an earlier incident on July 7, the U.S. Marshals office confirmed to Billboard. Dunwoody police inform Billboard they arrested him at 6 a.m. local time without struggle.
Young Thug’s warrant stems from a July 7 incident where the rapper, real name Jeffrey Williams, reportedly caused a disturbance at Dunwoody’s upscale Perimeter Mall. While being escorted out of the mall for alleged criminal trespass, “the accused threatened to shoot the victim [a mall security personnel] in the face with the purpose of terrorizing” him.
He faces his bond hearing in county jail today, July 15. Atlanta Journal Constitution first reported the news.