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Nya Lock – Get To Know Me (Video)

Tarik “Nya Lock” Audain is an up and coming artist located in Port St. Lucie Fl. Born in East Orange Nj and raised between East Orange and Chesterfield Va, he knew from the age of 7 he loved hip hop! He began recording in studios at the age of 12 under the coaching of Michael “Vega” Allman at no cost due to Vega feeling that this kid had something special. After a few years young Nyas’ Mother, Donna B. Audain, decided that the streets of New Jersey were out of control and she was losing her children to them. She made up her mind to move south to Chesterfield Va a suburb to southside Richmond. This is where Nya, then called Vex, developed his true style. He began to hussle up whatever money possible to pay for his own studio time and record his songs. After a few years he noticed that Richmond did not have much opportunity for him so he moved to Atlanta Ga where he further found himself and spread his wings. Being in a new place was great for Nya. He was accepted with open arms by hip hop heads in Atlanta and this is when Nya knew he was ready. Opportunities were still far and few which started to take toll on Nya and he found himself getting discouraged. With 3 albums under his belt Nya began to try and shop his material with labels but got poor response even offers for him to change his style which he refused to do. Then Nya decided it was time to focus on something else feeling like his time had passed and moved to Florida to assist his mother after she had a few surgeries. This is when all the cards fell into place. Producers and directors noticed Nya instantly and the process began. And for the first time he was among people who noticed his talent and it was all about him. Up until this point people tended to like his music but most of them were artists as well and soon began to feel threatened by his talent and they would no longer help him. This was the break Nya needed. Within 2 weeks of meeting a new producer and an up and coming film director, Nya had a new team a new hot song and a video to go with it with more in the works. At this point Nya is back with full force still representing real hip hop with a message through his vivid street tales and soulful sound. Be sure to stay tuned for new songs and videos from Nya..he will definitely be a force to be reckoned with, maybe even the future of hip hop.


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