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Stop the Killing-Start Some Healing Peace Walk For Carlos Crues jr

Today the community of Youngstown came together for a Stop The Killing-Start Some Healing Peace walk stemming from the violent murder of 17 yr old Carlos Crues Jr a.k.a Los. The event took place at Eagle Heights (former South High School) when over 300 teens & adults gathered & walked to the Market Street bridge to release balloons in honor of Los or a loved one that was lost to street violence.Alot of the people blame the parents for city crimes thats commited by teans but as a parent you can only do the best you can to raise your child with morals & about the value of life. no one is a perfect parent it’s all trial & error but these teens today need role-models & need to put these guns down. Any fool can point a gun & pull a trigger but it takes a real man to put in down & walk away tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us however while we’re here we need to do what we can to bring our city back & turn it around for the better.

Rocky RocStar Warren

Photo Credit: Rocky Warren

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37 thoughts on “Stop the Killing-Start Some Healing Peace Walk For Carlos Crues jr

  1. Police chief Rod Fledy, stated to the media that the police inteviewed a lot of people that were at the party,of death shooting death of Carlos Cruz, meaning they know who shoot and killed this young man. John W. Goodwin, stated that Carlos Cruz was shoot at earlier that month, that carlos even called the police and told them who the two persons were that atemped to kill him and even iidentfied the car make and model of car. two females stated that they were walking with carlos when he was shoot. which means they know who murdered him. Police also stated they interviewed many people at the party which means NAMES! LT John Kelly stated no arrest had been made WHY? he also stated that there was no motive connected to the murder of carlos OK! carlos mother stated her son was not involved in any drugs (FACT). then the medai changed it and stated even though carlos was shot at on his street and identfied the shooters and police is now saying they did not believe the earlier shooting on carlos street was related to his killing.NOW! here the media goes again and is now saying it was a retaliation mulled as possible and I quote possible meaning not for sure again. then capt. Mark Milstead stated detectives beleive and I Quote again BELIEVE meaning you beleive something but you do not know for sure. What about the mothers of the other two killings in our community with our children. do the media take in considerration that the grief that theses people are induring while they take ther ink in write whatever ingredistes they want to mix in the mix the these issues. they knock on your door and call you on the phone like they can" t wait to get the facts straight or at least wait until these people grief for a little while. then there are the ones that act like we as a community are so afraid of the police and it is all their fault none of these famiies blame the police. they just want answers. Then have the ones who show up on the media and want to get theirface/ opinion in the news for thier own glory. I point is: STOP speculating and get the FACTS straight. Relalation to NO relatalation. Who in the HELL knows the true COME forward! my grand father GOD bless the dead " told me once Never trust a company that buys the barel by the ink.

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