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Triple Threat…Elise Neal aka @TheRealNealE

As an actress, singer, and choreographer, Elise Neal is an all-around triple threat. From her role on Disney’s hit show, “A.N.T. Farm,” her ambitions as a choreographer, or her more recent ventures in screenwriting, Elise is a force to be reckoned with.
It’s already a wrap for the first season of Ant Farm. “It’s something that’s really fun to be a part of, I usually have more serious roles,” she stated when I asked about her character, Roxanne Parks. I like when I get to be a little silly. I’ve gotten to play an astronaut and Xena: Warrior Princess.” Elise also mentioned her pride about the lead of the show, China Anne McClain, who is in Elise’s description, “A bright and talented 12-year-old African-American girl.”
Elise is currently putting the finishing touches on her screenplay, “Timeless.” “I’m sick of people not seeing all of these different sides of me,” she said. “I really didn’t have any desire to be an actress at all. I started out in Broadway and off Broadway productions and musicals.
‘Timeless’ will finally let people know everything about me, who I am, and what I do.”
This project, which is in the final stages, will reintroduce her to the world as Elise Neal; the actress, singer, screenwriter, and choreographer.
Most who know anything about Elise Neal knows she exudes effortless style. When she’s not on the set or in the office typing away, you can easily find her on the red carpet sporting bright colors or bold prints. “My style is whatever I’m feeling at the moment. I’m addicted to shoes, I love Louboutins,” the actress gushed. “I also believe in staying active. I work-out maybe two or three days a week. I think a little sweat is good of the skin.”
By: Akeem J.


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