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Game ordered to pay $5million in Police Defamation case

Games Shells Out $5M in Police Defamation Suit

West coast rapper Game’s wallet was hit hard this week, as a North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled in favor of five police officers, who claimed their image was defamed in his “Stop Snitching/Stop Lying” DVD. Each one of the five officers was awarded $1 million each.
The officers arrested Game right before his show in North Carolina back in 2006, which was all caught on the DVD. Following the DVD release the officers filed suit, claiming they’d been libeled, slandered and that their images were misappropriated by Game and his affiliates. The officers filed an additional $10 million punitive damages suit, which was rejected by the court.


The appeals court commented on their ruling, saying “The trial court’s findings of fact were based upon competent evidence and supported its conclusions of law, which in turn supported its award of compensatory damages against Taylor. However, the trial court’s finding regarding the aggravating factor which supported the award of punitive damages against Taylor failed to indicate that the aggravating factor was established by clear and convincing evidence.”

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2 thoughts on “Game ordered to pay $5million in Police Defamation case

    1. If he was an average Joe this wouldn't be the case. Hell, I defame them all the time when their caught in the wrong. This is ridiculous.

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