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White on Black Crimes VS. Black on Black Crimes


The Trayvon situation is a sad case and many people are speaking out and protesting about the race issue. Yes a man of a different race killed him but if his own race killed him would Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton even care? We are living in a time when black on black crime is swept under the rug but if a different race hurt us all Hell breaks loose! We are teaching our kids that if a black man kills another black man it’s ashame but if a white man kills a black man lets all stand together! What fight are we really fighting?????

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4 thoughts on “White on Black Crimes VS. Black on Black Crimes

  1. Complete opposite, Nat. We are a genocide accepting civilization of people. WE (BLACKS) kill one of out own, all remains quiet. THEY (WHITE/OTHERWISE) kill one of our kids, then we THINK it's time to unite!!!!!

    1. OMg!————-Sooooooooooo true!……THAT'S WHY I SAY WE HAVE TO CLEAN OUR OWN BACKYARD, BEFORE WE CAN BEGIN TO FIGHT ANOTHER RACE ON A NATIONAL LEVEL…….#GetItTogether!………..Glad I'm not the ONLY one who feels that way!……geesh

    1. Let me guess…when somebody white does something to somebody black no one gives a dam…but if somebody black does anything to anyone its on like a pot of neckbones…am I right?

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