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Ladies Do you ever hear yourself saying “why do I attract the same type of men?”

I feel that the biggest issue that women face is getting to know the person that’s most important in life, getting to know You. It is so easy for women to get lost in emotions. As women, we have to learn to understand our emotions. Being able to deal with your own emotions gives a woman so much more control over her own life. Don’t be a bag lady. Women carry old baggage into new relationships. That never works. When you carry around old baggage, you attract the same kind of men, which leads to the same cycles in relationships. Do you ever hear yourself saying why do I attract the same type of men? Why are all men the same? Has it ever occurred to you that it might be You. Let old wounds heal. Learn from old experiences so that you get better and not bitter. Men love strong women. Learn to have a sense of humor. Be able to laugh at yourself its okay to laugh, no one wants to be around a lady whose clothes are too tight that they can’t squeeze a laugh in, not a good look. Be ambitious. Go for what you want. Don’t let anyone stop you or deter you from getting what you want. Explore your sexuality! Some women are afraid of their own sexuality. Its okay to fulfill your sexual desires. Not saying that you need to go around experimenting on everyone you encounter, but it is okay to let loose in the bedroom, just be safe. Don’t be the little girl who doesn’t know what she likes, know what makes you happy and go for it! Do everything your way it doesn’t matter if people don’t agree, it’s your life. Women have to keep in mind that everyone fails at some point in life. We all fall, but we get back up, brush ourselves off, and try again. Women should try to find the beauty in everything and every situation. Once that is mastered, you will find the beauty in yourself. Always remember where you came from and know where you’re headed. Oftentimes, women tend to let their current circumstances define who they are as a person. That’s the biggest mistake anyone can make. It is imperative to remember that life is a journey. Life is a process that helps an individual learn and grow. If you dwell in the negative, you will only get negative results, however, learning how to turn negatives into positives is when one begins to build great character. When you know who you are, take the good with the bad, all things are possible.

—Protect your essence born with less, but you’re still precious- Tupac Shakur

Written By: Mercedes Noelle

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