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Willow Smith with a Tongue Ring???


Over the weekend, Willow posted a photo of herself and a friend on Instagram, showing off piercings. The good news is that it’s fake (said Willow after hundreds of appalled comments were posted on her instagram). The bad news is that another 11 year old out there, that doesn’t know it’s fake may think the idea is pretty damn cool.

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One thought on “Willow Smith with a Tongue Ring???

  1. And THAT 11 year old's parents better nip that idea in bud. I don care WHAT Willow, Jaden or ANY of the Smiths or anyone else for that matter have. You ain't getting one until you old enough to sign for it yourself. Went through similar issue with my 15yr old daughter & belly ring. She was cheerleader and all of the other girls had them. My stance was not until you are 18. She did not get until she was 18.

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