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Child Support Case 101


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I pay $322.00 a month in child support. I work full time and I got to college. I was just offered a job making $96,000 a year in the medical field. My finance owns two nail shops and she makes over $150,000 a year. When I start my new job and get married I will be paying almost $4,000 a month in child support. I have no problem giving my baby the best life but the mother is very lazy. She won’t work and she smokes weed and pop pills all day. She lives with her mom and don’t pay any bills. And she won’t give me full custody of my son. She has a new boyfriend that calls himself a ballet because he sells 2 dime bags a weed everyday. She spends my money buying drugs for him to sell. My baby never has anything to show from the money I’m paying!!!!

What can I do??????

D.T. (Texas)

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2 thoughts on “Child Support Case 101

  1. Go to the judge and get your child. This is insane. I go through child support bulls*%t myself, so I know all about it. It's a state sponsored extortion program.Nothing more. It helps no one. It's designed to take the man out of the home.

  2. You're an educated man and you're wondering what to do. Get a lawyer, document EVERYTHING you see that is wrong with your baby's mom, and take her to court to get full custody. Will all the drug use you might have to get social serves involved. IJS

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