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Rihanna Selling Deluxe “Unapologetic” Album For $250


The “We Found Love” singer is really trying to cash in on her upcoming album, by pricing her deluxe album package at a whopping $250!  Now it’s safe to say her die-hard fans will still shell out the cash, but it’s unclear if casual Rihanna supporters will do the same.However Rihanna’s deluxe album package isn’t just a few bonus tracks.  She’s added some nice perks that will entice her fans to purchase the deluxe package rather than the standard album.  Rihanna’s “Unapologetic” deluxe package comes with:A Rihanna Unapologetic 2GB Credit Card style USB Flash Memory Drive, a unisex shirt, 7 12×15 Rihanna Unapologetic posters, 7 laptop stickers, an 11×17 handwritten personal note to the Navy from Rihanna, and much more.  Source:

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