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Lil Wayne Ordered to Pay $2.2 Million to Quincy Jones lll

Lil Wayne might be wishing he had taken his deposition a little more seriously. According to TMZ, the Young Money front man has been ordered to pay $2.2 million to Quincy Jones III based on his countersuit, which said that Wayne blocked the release of Jones’ film “The Carter”, therefore infringing on the profits.

The rapper’s deposition tape made headlines last month, with many fans referring to Wayne’s dismissive and lackadaisical approach as “hilarious”. The judge, however, was not amused, calling him out for his “unreasonable conduct in the deposition” and “irresponsible behavior.”

Wayne originally sued Jones for the director’s “scandalous portrayal” of him in the 2009 documentary “The Carter”, as well as the unauthorized use of his music in the film.



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3 thoughts on “Lil Wayne Ordered to Pay $2.2 Million to Quincy Jones lll

  1. Not the case but his arrogance and conduct, now he kickin out 2.2 mill..he's a grown man homie and conducts himself like an ass..he represents black men to the world and it's a shame that when someone see's him they see me. For some reason black folks feel like this is how they are suppose to behave which will always cause us to be in last place. Money means nothing if you don't represent yourself properly. Hell even circus show monkeys get paid. When he dies his legacy will be ignorance, skinny jeans, jail time and one will care about his money. This video is here forever showing his poor conduct and lack of class.

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