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Crix Green “Keeping it Ben Franklin”


In an industry filled with gimmicks, and rhymes for pure entertainment, it is becoming more difficult to find a talented artist of good quality and authenticity. The cars, the clothes, the money, the expensive jewelry, are not what matters most to this new artist.
More than anything, no matter what level of success is reached, artist Crix Green wants to remain authentic, to his music, to his fans, and to his life.

Born in the Virgin Islands but raised in New Orleans, Crix Green, like many artist, became interested in hip-hop watching and listening to some of the legends of the industry. For Crix, it was Ice T and his songs Colors and Hustler.
Crix admired his rapping style and the authenticity of his lyrics to his lifestyle. Crix says that watching Ice as well as other rappers tell their personal stories through hip-hop caught his interest. At the age of 20, Crix felt like “I had a story to tell, so I started dealing with music”.

Influenced by the streets, his authenticity in his lyrics comes from his real life and experiences and how he got to where he is today. “It’s all about growing up in the inner cities and the ghettos, and the struggle to make it out”. Which is why staying real and authentic is so important to this artist. Using his lyrics to tell stories about issues that helped form the hip-hop industry, Crix Green is dedicated to staying authentic to the issues. “The way I see it, there are three types of people in the music industry, real, fake and an entertainer. I want to be remembered as real. It doesn’t matter what the topic is. Even if it is a club song. I’m going to talk about things dealing with me and what I did”.

It is only fitting that he has titled his first project “Keeping it Ben Franklin” in reference to “keeping it 100”. Crix Green has linked up with DJ Scream for this project that is expected to be released November 2012.
To follow this project is his album “Statute of Limitation”. Having gone through a few legal issues, Crix has not been able to speak freely about a few issues and topics that he has gone through. This album, to be released in February-March 2013, will be released after his own statute of limitation no longer hinders him from speaking his mind freely.
No exaggeration, no lies or empty rhymes. Although naturally talented and entertaining, Crix Green’s authenticity is what will set him apart in this hip-hop industry.


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