3 Women, 3 Babies, 1 Check


i wanted to share my story with you and get your opinion on some things. i have 3 kids by three different women here in Florida. i live with my youngest son and his mother. he is only 5 and he gets more than the rest of my children. i was young and dumb when i had my first 2 kids so i dont feel the same about them as i feel about my 5 yr old son. i work part-time while im trying to get my label off the ground. after all my bills are paid i only have about $20.00 a week for my two oldest kids and their moms are always acting a fool about it. they wont let me come and get them until i start sending more money. im trying to get them to understand that once i blow up i will be filing for full custody and giving my kids everything they need. they just won’t be patient. my five year old is always going to get more and i dont care how they feel about it. thats my baby boy and i plan on marrying his mom. Family comes first!!!!!

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