Good Luck Apple But I Don’t Think Anyone Wants an iPhone 5s


The iPhone 4S is to the iPhone 4 as the iPhone 5S is to the iPhone 5. No, this isn’t the SATs, but just as the iPhone 4S had a similar design to the iPhone 4 but with a few new features, the iPhone 5 is expected to follow a similar pattern. Don’t expect a bigger screen on iPhone 5S, even though Apple seems to be cooking that up too. According to various reports, the iPhone 5S will have a very similar design to the iPhone 5, but will have the following changes.
Fingerprint sensor
Siri was the standout feature of the iPhone 4S, and all signs point to a fingerprint sensor as the standout feature of the 5S. According to various reports, including one recently from 9to5Mac, the iPhone 5S will have a fingerprint sensor in the circular home button.
And there’s more supporting evidence for this. Last year Apple bought AuthenTec, a biometrics reader and mobile security solutions company, and a folder called “biometrickitUI” was recently found in the iOS 7 software code. “A fingerprint that changes color during the setup process” was also written in the software.

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