‘Roots,’ landmark slavery mini-series, to be remade by History


History is remaking history.

Thirty six years after “Roots” changed television and helped steer the course of racial discourse in the United States, the A&E-owned cable channel is working on a remake of the iconic miniseries.

History bought the television rights for the project from Mark Woloper, son of David Wolper, the original producer on the ABCmini-series, and the estate of author Alex Haley, who wrote the book, “Roots: The Saga of An American Family,” according to Deadline.com.

The original miniseries, which starred LaVar Burton as the slave Kunta Kinte, was a national phenomenon when it aired over eight nights in January 1977.

3 thoughts on “‘Roots,’ landmark slavery mini-series, to be remade by History

  1. The "Divide And Conquer" Agenda To Invoke That Racist Spirit! I seen it coming since the 'Django' movie, now '12 Years A Slave' now this! O_O This is one of the perfect catalyst for predictive programming! Zero Dark Thirty: #DemonSlayers Activated! Lets Continue To Fight On The Battlefield To Set All People Free!

  2. I was gonna post something about this yday when I read that the History Channel wants to remake it. The all mighty Dollar is the reason behind this…smh Lavar Burton has already spoke out and said WHY would you want to remake this mini series and tarnish the Legacy of ROOTS. Money the root to all evil

  3. Yes bro yes yes yes. But we must not give in to past hurt pain shame and humiliation. This is a great smokescreen by the greatest deceiver he wants devision so that he can claim devotion Sly KingsmenMedia White

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