When a Man Finds Out That His Relationship is Just Casual Sex


I was talking to one of my homeboys and he was telling me that his girlfriend of 3 years dropped a bomb on him. What he considered a relationship is just casual sex in her mind. After trying to get him to commit to marriage she just decided to use him for sex and put her feelings on hold. I’m posting about this because it opened my eyes up to what’s a real relationship? How long can you date a person before you give up on going to the next level? And how many people are having casual sex and think that they are in a real relationship?

Now my friend is trying to get it together and marry her and she acts like she don’t want that anymore(well not with him) and he thinks the term Casual Sex opens the door for her to have more partners.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “When a Man Finds Out That His Relationship is Just Casual Sex

  1. He just needs to call it quits and move on because she can't make him happy if she's not. On top of that, it seems as if he had issues with commitment at the beginning which probably turned her off. Now that she dropped the bomb on him, he wants to change because he doesn't want to lose her. They basically changed places in their feelings on commitment! They need to sever all ties and go their separate ways!

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