There is Only ONE Record Label in YOUNGSTOWN


With so much competition from rappers is there really a way to come together as one? Back in the day I can remember when there was maybe only one or two rappers on each side of town but now we have 3 or 4 on every street. I know you were looking at the title and thinking which label I would say but the truth is I was thinking: What if there was ONE label in Youngstown? Would the artist be able to work together? Would seniority rule when it’s time to release a major project? Would the producers fight over who has the best tracks and who should be the lead producer? Would the artist support each other even if they wasn’t featured on the album? #JustAThought


5 thoughts on “There is Only ONE Record Label in YOUNGSTOWN

  1. I'm always curious at how "Label" is defined (as well as Producer")

    A Label needs to be able to own the Masters, be distributor connected (or at least understand the process of distribution so as to release a product ready for distribution), understand the music business. A Broke Label is an oxymoron; you can't contract or propel Artist to excel with no budget, And these are just SOME of the expectations

    When you consider that we may actually only have 1-2 REAL Labels in YTown

  2. I can't see this working. Egos would be the downfall. Seniority over talent would also be a problem. It would have to be a boutique label for this to have a chance. I do think it is atleast worth a try because there is no set way of doing business.

  3. Thinking about it, I would be in support of the idea but really cautious. I think that everyone has really different ideas on what "good" is. when we make decisions on music there's an insane divide what is commercially acceptable and what is culturally truth. And how we make money off of all of that. I think there are a lot of people who are exceptional emcees, who don't have a handle on the business side, as well is entertainers that are very good the craft but not great emcees, from my observation. It would be hard for a system where seniority mostly because I see that divide in the generations in Youngstown. As well, the sheer number of us. There are emcees that make music extremely well that aren't in the popular circles or haven't even been discovered. What if someone were to create an album independently (very possible being how many people have home studio now) and it became more likeable/successful than the artist released through the label? Even more, its a fairytale to say EVERYONE would support eachother. Egos are huge here for no reason, what system of quality would be in place or would it be based off of show attendance, song plays, etc? We would have to find a way to incorporate every different style while still being able to maintain credibility as emcees and producers. The material itself and knowledge of it has to be improved. There has to be a standard to live up to. The thing is, everyone wants to be that standard and has different ideas about how to achieve that. On the producers note, right now its so easy to attain a beat from even a major producer, we would have to have a standard barer for that as well. Someone who can compete with the jahlil beats and young chops of the world.

  4. That would be something to see. There are hundreds of unofficial labels all throughout the hood, but no one wants to see the other one outshine them. Hopefully they can all garner some sort of unity and pool their resources together though.

  5. I believe in my city and the talent it has to offer, I think we could make it happen, we need that type of hope and opportunity, all I see coming out of it is done of the realest music America has ever heard…. Empire507

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