SAVED and Getting High! Christian Talk!


being SAVED doesnt mean you are DELIVERED. my hardest battle came with smoking weed. i was saved but i wasn’t delivered. and it took some time. i would buy weed, get high, and then i was mad that i was high. but when i was sober all i could think about was getting a blunt. i would go 5 days weed free and then smoke a blunt and be mad because i was high. one day i prayed to God to take the TASTE of weed out my mouth and he delivered me. i stopped smoking september 2010 and never again had a desire for it. the old church folks preach that if you BACKSLIDE you are going to hell but they don’t teach us the difference between getting saved and getting delivered!!!! some folks are saved and really love GOD but have no idea how to break those strongholds!!!! please press the #SHAREbutton

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