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Justin Bieber Arrested for DUI, Drag Racing, and Resisting Arrest

Pop star Justin Bieber was arrested for DUI, suspicion of drag racing and resisting arrested early Thursday morning in Miami Beach.
The official charges are DUI, resisting arrest without violence, drag racing and driving on an expired Georgia driver’s license. Law enforcement sources told TMZ they believe Bieber was under the influence of both drugs and alcohol. He was given a field sobriety test at the scene, and failed.
The resisting arrested charge stems from Bieber allegedly refusing to take his hands out of his pockets when ordered to do so by cops.
The troubled pop star was placed in police custody where he was tested to determine his blood alcohol level. Bieber was then transferred to jail where he was booked, processed and had his bail set at $2,500.
Bieber had allegedly just left a club and was driving a yellow Lamborghini when cops spotted him in a residential neighborhood. According to TMZ, Justin’s people actually blocked the street off so Bieber could drag race with his friend Khalil, a rapper on Def Jam Records who was driving a red Ferrari. Khalil’s bail was set at $1,000. Bieber was driving with a model in his car.

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