Tatyana Ali says ‘Hello’


TATYANA ALI Returns To Music & Releases Short
Film Fifteen years after her debut album, Tatyana Ali is back on
the music scene with a new EP entitled HELLO. Six new songs written
and produced by Ali showcase the more grown-up and sexy side of the
talented actress, who just released a short film to introduce her
fans to the album.


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11 thoughts on “Tatyana Ali says ‘Hello’

  1. I have been waiting years to hear that beautiful voice again. She has an eclectic style and she’s in a genre of her own. Tired of hearing the same style of  music but by different artist. It’s refreshing to hear a dynamically talented  young woman whose presence and style is breathtaking. Her beauty alone speaks volume n truly compliments her eloquent voice. HELLO to Ms Ali.

  2. "Every seven years you become someone different" I thought long and hard about that…and…WOW! That is so true! Sounds like some great music is on the horizon! I'm glad to see that she has broke free from the "Ashley Banks" persona that the world stamped her with! Great way to transition!

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