I received the two boxes of peanut butter and chocolate meal bars and for it to be peanut butter it didn’t have a distinctive peanut butter taste. The taste was somewhat bland and the texture of the oats where stale tasting. If you are a fan of the regular fiber one bars, original and even low calorie, for me its a daily snack, the meal bars were not very satisfying to taste. As for fans of meal bars its fulling but i have had better tasting bars. I had one for breakfast and was not hungry until lunchtime. The calorie intake is great as well as nutritional value. Im currently dieting so I have to watch my calorie and sugar intake, for a meal substitution I went under my calorie count for the day which will keep me on track with my weight goal. Maybe the strawberry yogurt would be more tasty so I will utilize the coupons for that flavor. I try to find different things to replace a meal cause I am extremely busy with work and kids but I would like the things I substitute to be appetizing. Until I taste the other flavors the peanut butter alone gets 3 stars. We do not eat alot of sweets so I wasnt expecting it to be like a candy bar or regular snack bars, but its just enough sweetness to be enjoyable by those who have a low sugar tolerance. It just didnt meet my expectations of flavor with the combination of peanut butter and chocolate. My kids enjoyed it as a snack but they didnt like the lack of flavor. Trying to get them to eat more healthy snacks is challenging so this meal bar may not be one that the will choose over the other healthy snacks the get.
My co-workers and I have decided to support each other on losing weight. We work in a busy high retail environment and sometimes working between customers it can be difficult to take a break for snacks and sometimes lunch. They can get somewhat cranky and irritated when they are tired and hungry. Dealing with customers in the consultative manner that we do you have to stay sharp and energetic. I often provide them with bite size treats or snacks they can break into small pieces to help keep their energy up and hunger level down until they break away for lunch. The meal bars would be a great snack to have for those moments. About 60% enjoyed them and 20% thought they were tasteless and nasty. The others didnt really have a chance to give their thoughts they were so hungry they just scarfed it down. They know im always finding great bargains and clipping coupons. I broke down the cost of each bar and compared it to the cost they spend on lunch daily. If they snack on a meal bar, not just the Fiber Ones, had to be unbiased, they wouldn’t need such a large lunch. The average person could save $20/week or $540/year and lose weight. Since we work with numbers and that’s how we factor our products out to our customers they understood the value of savings better. Added bonus the healthy lifestyle factor.

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