Record Labels demand A&Rs to find some Gay Rappers

(photo of gay rapper Sissy Rich)

Last night I had a talk with a well known A&R/Reality Tv star and he told me that Record labels might give priority to gays over straights in 2014. After the huge success and acceptance of Macklemore and the gay marriage ceremony at the Grammys, the labels are ready to tap into the gay market. He told me that some labels are demanding the people to find and sign some Gay rappers. It looks like rappers like Gucci Mane will have some tough competition in the market. My friend also told me that they are contacting we’ll know hiphop artist to see which ones are open to work with the gay rappers. With the U.S. Being evenly split down the middle on Gay marriage that leaves a huge market open for gay rappers. Even the president supports/promotes Gay marriage.

6 thoughts on “Record Labels demand A&Rs to find some Gay Rappers

  1. This to vinny Man U can't say that they won't to make the kids gay
    Being gay is not a choice you are born that way for example I know you no some lil boy that has been girly all his life every since he was a lil kid he always did girly shit
    So when he gets older and you find he's gay it's cuz he wasn't born with a attraction to girls if he had a choice I promise he would go with what he was raised with
    On the other hand you got niggas dat are on the dL and fuckin wit punks going back fuckin wit dem hoes but he pose to be a real nigga see he don't let know body no cuz he is ashamed by what people my think cuz he has had these feelings all his life
    If it was a choice why do so many people hide it so who are you to say its wrong to let people be themselves only some but simple mined would think like dat
    So if one of your kids were gay or lesbian and they truly talented you would tell them don't go for your dreams cuz of who they decide to lay with glad you not god mr vinny pantagalotis

  2. Kingsmen White like what bruh?..niggaz gon talk about being gay in there music now?..lol we don't wonna hear about that yo..they can keep all that to themselves..I'm not gay so why should I wonna hear about or have to hear about it more the less here another person tell me about it..just another way to distract the minds from the truth..yo these A&Rs are something else..1st it was the private prisons and drugs game to encourage our youth about being drug feins and drug pushers to promote going to jail and violence..now it's this sickness and promoting our youth to be gay and proud..really!!?..like it's insane I wonder what's next..they gonna encourage us to worship satan that he is the true and only GOD..yo bruh..I gotta come back..when I told you I was working on something BIG..I ain't never lied..I ain't got nothing but truth and it's NOT sugarcoated either..but i'll keep it clean

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