13 Yr old Willow Smith in the Bed with a 20 Yr old Actor

I hope this a photoshop or some kind of good explanation but I can’t think of any. Any parent would blow their top if they found out by IG. I wonder what Will and Jada will say? If they are just friends would you allow your 13 yr old daughter to lounge around with a 20 yr old?


44 thoughts on “13 Yr old Willow Smith in the Bed with a 20 Yr old Actor

  1. If its for a movie I get it or if her parents didn’t know I get it but there would be consequences but, I’m not going to jail or whatever that’s what’s wrong with alot of kids now beating them doesn’t always solve a thing that’s why parents need to talk to their children have intellectual conversations and be open with their children I’m not saying be a friend but don’t have your kids sooooo scare of you the only way they will learn is by actually making the mistake…if it was my daughter yes she would some major consequences and I would let the police handle him. Beating him or killing him won’t resolve anything.

  2. G Huff Ohio’s Best the boy posted this pic to Instagram and then took it down. willow or not people would say something about a 20 yr old lounging with a 13 yr old

  3. There have been movies where child actors have been younger and been in more compromising positions. The only good thing is, it’s not really a compromising position because it’s not real. It supposed to look real on screen but it’s not. If it wasn’t Willow Smith, no one would say anything. People are nit picking because they know Willow Smith is Will Smith and Jada Pinkett’s daughter smh

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