Tyrese Slams Real housewives of Atlanta

Watch the video and let me know if you agree with his views!!!


photo credit: Kingsmen

6 thoughts on “Tyrese Slams Real housewives of Atlanta

  1. he is on point when he speaks about how the blogs have to get their story out so they will celebrate what will get them hits! I get 210,000 hits a week and I’m cool with that. I probably will get a million if I celebrate the gossip and drama! SMH

  2. Unfortunately, Tyrese couldn’t be any more ON POINT with his message than this. It started with the dumbing down of education. Now, we have the absolute dumbing down of a complete society of people. Pointless television programming. Women, not knowing who they are, are mimicking these winches. RHOA, Basketball Wives, etc. I asked my wife why she enjoyed laughing at their ignorance and then stated that I could incorporate the same bull into our relationship. (proving a point) RHOA no longer gets airtime in my house. (not when I’m around anyway) Keep it away from myself and my girls and WE’RE GOOD.

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