Arsenio Hall Show CANCELED!!! What Happened???

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Seems like Arsenio Hall couldn’t bring in the ratings and his late night talk show is now canceled and won’t be renewed for another season. What do you think went wrong? Too old? Not funny enough? I don’t know but I can say that I watched maybe one show and it didn’t do much for me.

59 thoughts on “Arsenio Hall Show CANCELED!!! What Happened???

  1. I used to sneak and stay up to watch it. Now I fall asleep watching it. I think it’s a combo of I’m old now and he’s not as enthusiastic.

  2. I watched him at the beginning when I had insomnia and couldn’t sleep. When my sleep pattern was regular again, I was knocked out by 11:00 and missed him.

  3. Nope didn’t watch him. I tried several times but couldn’t make it to the end. He didn’t seem to have a new concept after all these years. This new show seemed strained. He just didn’t seem sincere.

  4. ChevyTruck Driver Saunders i think the older audience will listen/watch Steve Harvey in the morning w/ coffee instead of late night w/ Arsenio and some beers

  5. Bill H. McKinney i wonder how much different politics will be if he goes over to OWN. i think Tyler Perry likes the freedom over there. you see they gave him a hard time about saying ‘JESUS’ on his old network

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