Keya Mack, known as “ButterFlyy”, is ready to add a new feel to the contemporary Gospel list. Fans say she takes R&B mixed with her own Gospel music creation to create a fresh style that gives her spirit filled music a new twist. Keya grew up in Youngstown, Ohio,
a very tough place to grow up. While living with her grandparents, at age 6, all that knew Her, knew there was something unique about her. She started writing lyrics for fun and discoverd that was a passion and never stopped writing and singing since. From talent shows solo’s to recording great music that will always be remembered, ButterFlyy has a true love for performing and those that have seen her never forget her. She also has the necessary look for mainstream marketability. She has recently finished her next single titled ‘Beautiful” which will be featured on her upcoming album in the future. As a Song writer ButterFlyy is a wizard when it comes to writing and perfoming lyrics. She can here a hit track from miles away. ” I love performing and watching crowds of people engage in my story. It’s like I know they’re feeling what I’m saying, so it’s my job to help them express that in ways they couldn’t without music. My passion for music comes from my grandmother’s support of me. She never let me just get by. She taught me that practice and determination are the keys to success I am not a quitter and that is because of her.’ – ButterFlyy

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10 thoughts on “Butterflyy-“Beautiful”

  1. Yes Kingsmen White these young women need to know their worth because they are so use to being called the B word and forgetting that they are Queens. Once they realise who they are then they will raise their expectations.

  2. Get up..Rise up because your beautiful girl! I’m nodding my head to the beat! This is good music. Sounds like something that should go on the Kingsmen Project Kingsmen White and Andre White!

  3. Kingsmen Team! Check this out Andre White Dierre Brown Byron Beasley Jason Stephens Sr. Devon Lee Sincere Lee Dionna White Darlene Twyman-Hill Dino Simmons Kisha Simmons Meka Paramore Marquez Jolley

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