Gay Male Student Crowned Homecoming Queen


By: Krystle Crossman

In a scene straight out of Glee, high school junior Nasir Fleming was crowned prom queen at his junior prom even though he is a male.
The 17 year old student at Danbury High in Danbury, Connecticut said that he never expected to actually win the crown. He is very candid about his s*xuality and has been that way since the sixth grade. He is a very popular student at school. Other classmates had nominated him for both king and queen. When he won the crown there was thunderous applause from the audience.

Fleming stated that he thought his classmates were more excited than he was for his big win. It is hard to tell sometimes whether the nominations for prom queen were done seriously or to mock Fleming, but either way he says that he is still “fabulous” and is happy. He is hoping that this will make a statement about gay youth and that you need to be who you are without fear. He wants to spread a message that if someone like himself, who identifies as a male, can win a title in the opposite gender there is no reason a transgendered person cannot do the same.

He posted the video of his crowning on Youtube and while it has garnered positive comments from many different people, criticism was still there. Fleming states that it was sad to see people who were grown adults attacking a teenager for something like this. Some were attacking the school for allowing this to happen. Some attacked Fleming’s lifestyle. He says that he just lets it roll off of his shoulders. He knows who he is and he is happy with his life. Just because other people don’t feel the same does not mean that he should have to change who he is.

37 thoughts on “Gay Male Student Crowned Homecoming Queen

  1. It’s just confusion now because when a man says he is gay is he saying he is a man that likes other men or now is he saying he is a woman that’s trapped in a man’s body?

  2. He was actually nominated for both King and Queen by the student body…he believes as a joke because he’s gay….he opted for just being nominated for Queen…I think the school should’ve stepped in and said no…it’s not like he’s transgender and is now living his life as a female

  3. This is going too far…..equality is not about erasing what is but about bringing an equal standard on both sides…..equal rights in this case would be him being nominated and crowned Prom King despite being gay….this does nothing for the cause of the LGBT community but put the breaks on their movement…folks gonna say if this is what we will get then we don’t want it….and will lose support everywhere…

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