JTRIP Makes Appearance on MTV’s “Copycat”


MTV goes back to its music roots with a new reality competition show this week, and JTRIP, from Youngstown is one of the contestants.

The episode of the new show “Copycat” starring Youngstown native Joshua Triplett
aka JTRIP will air at 3pm today on MTV. On the show, two vocalists compete head-to-head in a series of heats, singing the same song by a well-known, contemporary artist. The studio audience votes on which of the young singers sounded more like the artist, with an ultimate grand prize of $5,000.

JTRIP, who is from Youngstown, Ohio in the mahoning Valley went to Hayes Middle School and The Rayen High School, and started singing as a child in church and school. He said he didn’t start pursuing music seriously until he attended The American Musical & Dramatic Academy in New York for college, where he ironically went to school and sand and danced with the international pop star that he is copycatting on the show, Jason Derulo.

“I have always believed in God that success would eventually come. With consistent hard work anything is possible.” JTRIP said. “Once I lived in New york and booked movie and tv roles, that was confirmation for my career choice. I knew I could do it .”

JTRIP also auditioned for “The Voice,”I beat out more than 5,000 people in the Los Angeles area, I went on to the a private call back to meet the producers of the show. They said they loved me and thought I was perfect for the show. They told me that could put me on the show, but they wanted me to win. And Once you are on the show you can’t be back on for another year. So they told me to take a year and strengthen my vocals a bit more. That was a great honor, and from now on, they will call me directly when they are casting.” Although the voice didn’t pan out, He continued to search online for opportunities both locally and nationally, and found “Copycat” on an MTV casting website.

Though he graduated from AMDA, where he studied Musical Theatre and Acting, he hopes to sing professionally.

“Entertainment is my passion,” he said. “I’m a walking light, God gave me the light and I’m going to let it shine everywhere I go.”

For “Copycat,” he spent three hectic days in Los Angeles in January, rehearsing and taping the episode. Although, He lives in Hollywood has grown accustom to the entertainment industry. Copycat is JTRIP’s First National Debut on something like this. If you remember JTRIP as a high school student as a member of the Youngstown Connection under the direction of Dr. Carol Baird, You would remember seeing him singing and dancing in the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City on NBC. “That was my first time traveling to New York City, let alone, performing with my friends on NBC in from of millions. That to me was when I knew entertainment would be my career. Thank you Dr. Baird.”

JTRIP couldn’t reveal the song he sang on the episode, but did say “I went to school with this artist, and he is currently taking over the pop charts.” According to TV Guide, on today, June 4th, MTV’s “Copycat” will feature Singers perform as Jason Derulo, Carrie Underwood and Colbie Caillat.

JTRIP hopes to represent Ohio well, and to use his experience to help others.

“Youngstown has a lot of unknown talent. I definitely want to start an organization to promote that,” he said. “People with talent and gifts should pursue their dreams and not just wait for an opportunity to just pop up out of nowhere.

“That’s my passion, to encourage and motivate the younger generation to live for their dreams.”

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  1. youngstown has so much to offer. its ashame we need to leave to get discovered but… to all those who did and continue to look back home… #salute!!! #ohiomademe

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