Too Much Heat for the Heat- Spurs 110, Heat 95


The air conditioning at the AT&T Center malfunctioned and the San Antonio Spurs rolled to a Game 1 victory in the NBA Finals Thursday night. They used a 31-9 run at the end of the game to cruise, but the biggest story of the night came from a thermometer.

With the air conditioning on the fritz, ESPN sideline reporter Doris Burke held a thermometer that said over 90 degrees during the fourth quarter.

“I don’t think I played in anything like this since I left the islands,” joked Tim Duncan, who grew up on the Virgin Islands.

It was then that James became cramped. He asked out a few different times, but he left for good midway through the final 12 minutes. He was carried off the floor. He didn’t return and his Miami Heat fell one behind in the race to four wins.

The Spurs released a statement in the second half.

“An electrical failure for the power that runs the AC system in the AT&T Center has occurred,” the statement read. “We are continuing to work on resolving the problem. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Doubtful LeBron and the Heat accept the apology. They also weren’t using it as an excuse or crutch.


19 thoughts on “Too Much Heat for the Heat- Spurs 110, Heat 95

  1. I’m a Cavs fan but I hate how people always go in on Lebron that dude is phenomenal. I knew when he cramped up he was gonna get murdered, he’s gotta get tougher, but it’s hard to do playing in today’s NBA. Who remembers Paul Pierce crying and then coming back into the game or D Wade hurting his shoulder and going off the court in a wheelchair? Lol

  2. Lebron was cryin like a baby, I am sure he wasn’t the only one out there uncomfortable….. its like they were saying the older generations did it. The Heat are not ready for the Spurs they have a certain discipline and focused that comes with time, maybe next yr.

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