Georgia to stop drug testing food stamp recipients


By Richard Belcher
ATLANTA — State attorney General Sam Olens notified federal officials Friday that Georgia will not continue to pursue drug-testing of selected food stamp recipients.
Channel 2 investigative reporter Richard Belcher said that apparently ends what could have become a very long bureaucratic and legal fight.
Federal food stamp officials warned state legislators that tacking a drug-testing requirement onto food stamp applications would not be allowed.
The bill passed overwhelmingly
and Gov. Nathan Deal signed it. In the span of four days this week, the drug-testing plan died.
In an election year the proposal was enormously popular in the general assembly. It got nearly two-thirds of the vote in the House and more than two-thirds in the Senate—nearly all of those Republicans.
Democrats overwhelmingly opposed it.
More than 800,000 Georgians currently receive food stamps. Another 80,000 and 100,000 people apply each month.


44 thoughts on “Georgia to stop drug testing food stamp recipients

  1. I feel that testing people was a exclusionary tactic to further disenfranchise a group of people due an issue that they obviously need help with. Wouldn’t it be more humane to just require the ones that test positive for a controlled substance to go through an addiction program that will help the person and give them the ability to be an productive part of society like any one would strive to be.

  2. I know that much Kingsmen White, I’m not racist, nor I’m no black panther and never will be, but I will take a few positive things from their blueprint and utilize it to carry out my plans to do my part in elevating the masses. ChevyTruck Driver Saunders you are correct as well, but my agenda overall is to help one race…HUMAN…this will definitely take significant work, but I will definitely do all I can.

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