Georgia to stop drug testing food stamp recipients


By Richard Belcher
ATLANTA — State attorney General Sam Olens notified federal officials Friday that Georgia will not continue to pursue drug-testing of selected food stamp recipients.
Channel 2 investigative reporter Richard Belcher said that apparently ends what could have become a very long bureaucratic and legal fight.
Federal food stamp officials warned state legislators that tacking a drug-testing requirement onto food stamp applications would not be allowed.
The bill passed overwhelmingly
and Gov. Nathan Deal signed it. In the span of four days this week, the drug-testing plan died.
In an election year the proposal was enormously popular in the general assembly. It got nearly two-thirds of the vote in the House and more than two-thirds in the Senate—nearly all of those Republicans.
Democrats overwhelmingly opposed it.
More than 800,000 Georgians currently receive food stamps. Another 80,000 and 100,000 people apply each month.


44 thoughts on “Georgia to stop drug testing food stamp recipients

  1. Kingsmen White, Dino Simmons, here’s the COLD, HARD TRUTH. Black people would rather buy rims than to utilize their financial wealth to gain leadership positions. Look at Arnold Schwartzeneger(actor), “the body” Ventura (wrestler)…..they sought out political careers. MADE opportunities to be productive or at least have a direct impact on productiveness or lack thereof.

  2. Kingsmen White Dino Simmons, the government might don’t care about this drug testing policy because if they did it would be enforced. They probably eating off the stamps too and smoking. It’s all designed.

  3. When you lie down for whatever then you will get whatever….it’s not about “if you’re not doing drugs then you shouldn’t have a problem with it”…..it’s why they are even doing it that’s the problem…no one talks about all the corporate welfare and handouts…buying million dollar homes, cars, and yachts….oh wait because we want to be just like that but yet no one is saying let’s take that 2% of welfare recipients who don’t work or aren’t disabled and get them the addiction services and mental health services they need

  4. I agree Kingsmen White! We all have to unify in a sense of what the Black Panther movement attempted to do! Educate our youth, feed the homeless and less fortunate, provide financial education, self defense course, filling out college and job apps. We are on that path pretty much, we just have to keep putting ourselves in positions of power to mobilize and spread out to re-build our communities and communities nationwide!

  5. welfare is not a career! it’s to help when you are in hard times. everybody had their share of stamps and cards but it’s not to go 20 yrs strong unless you have a disability or disabled kids that you can’t work. but going to the club and selling stamps to buy weed is the problem that they are dealing with. can you imagine the federal gov looking at the Facebook pages of people on welfare are seeing them kicking it, traveling, Gucci purses and shoes, popping bottles, rapping and making videos, owning companies, these folks are trying to protect the budget. and trust me they are watching. they can see inbox messages and everything. folks posting online about buying and selling stamps? that’s a crime!!!!

  6. Ok Kingsmen Kingsmen White you better get that 2nd job lol. But seriously that is like a slap in the face to all tax paying citizens. If I were to receive foodstamps, I’ll drug test everyday if I had to, the only thing they’ll find in me is fat and grease lol.

  7. AFCD expires within five years max due to 1992’s welfare reform act…so that 5+ years stat is false….the hourly wage versus welfare benefits is misleading because they don’t account for how many kids a person has to qualify for maximum benefit….and according the FS stat this chart is fairly recent…

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