New Photos of Jay Z And Beyonce Plus Baby BLUE w/ The ALL NATURAL Hair


I’m loving Baby Blue’s Hair. Looks Like my Son’s Hair. I Don’t think I ever touched my sons head and he is almost 2. I see a lot of blogs and the comments are bashing Beyonce. They are saying that she is a bad mother for not coming this child’s hair. What do you think?



114 thoughts on “New Photos of Jay Z And Beyonce Plus Baby BLUE w/ The ALL NATURAL Hair

  1. That childs hair is fine. If that’s how they choose to have her hair, that’s their choice. Don’t people think if she wanted something done to appease others they would have done it. This is their choice. This Does Not make her bad mother, r u kidding me..U also have to think, how often do we see this child? The media will plant seeds in ur mind to think this is always how it is. AND if it is, so what. Smh, people worry about the wrong things. If her hair was done to the expectations of some, there would be others who would still have something to say about that too…

  2. Your “son” slipping by without getting his hair combed is totally different from a “little girl” not getting her hair combed. My mother NEVER let me eat breakfast with my hair all over my head. She may not be a bad mother but she failed on that whole hair combing venture lol.

  3. That is more than not combing. Natural hair does not equal unkept hair. It looks very neglected (no moisture, matted, hair locking up). Your son’s hair looks clean and managed. Plus, that is your son….Blu is their DAUGHTER. Personally, I detest when I see a little girl walking around with her hair a mess and her mother’s looks wonderful. Now if Beyoncé wore her hair in such a manner I would have nothing to say. I am natural and have been for almost 15 years. So it has nothing to do with chemicals or weave. #I’llcombherhair

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