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Are you a Christian that likes Alcohol? How often do you drink? Does being drunk change how people love The Lord? Is it OK to drink? Did Christ drink? Did Christ think it was ok for others to drink? I grew up thinking that saved people can’t drink. Now don’t get me wrong because I’m not saying grab some 40’s and let it rip until you throw up but I have had a glass of wine every once in a while. Maybe with dinner or just a sip with friends. But I don’t really like the taste or smell of alcohol so it’s not for me. Do you think it’s a sin to drink? Or how much becomes a sin?

I grew up thinking that if you drink you were going to HELL but over the years I learned that a lot of Christians practice good morals but have NO character. Some Christians will brag about not drinking or smoking but wouldn’t offer you a glass of water if you were thirsty. Some Christians have learned how to practice the art of having good morals but are just as nasty as can be when it comes to dealing with people.

My question is how to do you feel about Christians that drink?

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    Christians who like to drink beer and wine, like to claim that God approves of social or moderate drinking of alcohol. Christians would not be drinking alcohol were it not for the intoxicating effect.

    If God is for social or moderate drinking of alcohol, then who could be against it?

    1. Why is alcohol not served in the nations Jr High and High Schools?

    If God is for it then who could be against it.

    2. Why is alcohol not served at all church dinners and other church functions?

    If God is for it then who could be against it?

    3. Why is alcohol not available in vending machines?

    If God is for it then who could be against it.

    4. If moderate drinking is harmless then why is alcohol not served in hospitals?

    If God is for it then who could be against it?

    5. Why do not Christians offer their heart surgeon a glass of wine before their surgery?

    If God is for then who could be against it.

    6. Why do race car drivers not have beer or two before the big race?

    If God is for it who could be against it?

    Those Christians who advocate social or moderate drinking of alcohol, claiming God approves, are involved in self deception. They are not fooling anyone else.

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  2. Ok… Yes I am a Christian and Yes I do drink on Occasion. I was raised in a very strict household and church when I was younger… And as I got older I began to recognize that a lot of the rules and conditions were only applying to certain sins and certain saints…. Those type of conditions are what actually pushed me away from my church and religion… In the process of being gone and avoiding churches and rules, I continued to Pursue God… Which is How my Truest Essence of who God Created Me to Be, came about… In God’s eyes Sin is Sin and No Sin is better than Another. So in doing anything and all things… Do it with Moderation… If we remain under the foot or oppression of the church, we will never Develop the Gifts God Intends for us to use. Also, if we continue to let our churches dictate whats right and wrong in Their eyes… Then we will Never Please God or Make it to “Heaven”… No man/woman is perfect and God Knows that… That is Precisely Why Jesus Died on the Cross… for our sins. #SorrySoLong #TouchySubject lol.

  3. Kingsmen White it becomes a Sin when people allow it to become their god. When it causes you to have a double mind at when you should pray or should party or drink. A drink is not a problem to much drinking will not allow God to use your temple.

  4. Drinking is not a sin… YES I drink and it doesn’t make me any better or worse than any other christian… Just like someone lying, stealing or cheating does not make them any better or worse than me…

  5. I use to think it was a sin to drink..I Did drink and get high for a minute..I quit smokin weed..I haven’t drank in a minute..people ask I think It’s a sin..I say..I just don’t choose to do those things anymore..I’m just not that guy anymore..I don’t condemn anyone..I just don’t drink or smoke anymore…I had to do that for didn’t do me no good

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