”Think Like A Man Too” Tops Box Office


The Las Vegas ensemble comedy “Think Like a Man Too” topped a slow weekend at the summer box office with $30 million
, besting blockbuster holdovers from last week and Clint Eastwood’s new Four Seasons musical “Jersey Boys.”

The Kevin Hart sequel “Think Like a Man Too” narrowly edged out “22 Jump Street,” which earned $29 million in its second week of release, according to studio estimates Sunday. The DreamWorks animated film “How to Train Your Dragon 2” slid to third with $25.3 million.

The top three films are all sequels that moved into the big box-office summer season following surprise hit originals released in the springtime.

Moving into summer’s bigger competition actually diminished Sony Screen Gems’ “Think Like a Man Too.” The first film, also directed by Tim Story and starring mostly the same ensemble led by Hart, opened with $33.6 million in April 2012.

11 thoughts on “”Think Like A Man Too” Tops Box Office

  1. I think Kevin Hart is doing a great job with his brand. he will make another 50 million before people get tired of him and then he can sit back and just do shows until he retires

  2. I liked the first one better! My favorite part was the fight scene and they all went to jail and their mugshots were taken and once Kevin Hart’s came up you could only see the top of his head! Lol!

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